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Hi I'm Vivi

My name is Viviana

 I have a wonderful husband named Travis and a child with four legs and covered in fur. . . .
He’s a dog. I have a dog.
His name is Bacardi, like the rum.
I can’t take credit for that awesome name, but I will take credit for teaching Bacardi what “stay” means.
By now you’re probably asking . . .  
VivianaPhoto what does this have to do with photography
Well, not much, really. However, Travis & Bacardi are frequently the subjects of my photo sessions. 
I can’t exactly tell you when my love of photography began, but it’s possible it was somewhere between my mom constantly taking photos at every possible opportunity as a child, and my other current profession as a filmmaker.

But for real though

Why do I love photography? Because photos aren’t just images. This may sound cheesy but . . . 

Photos are life.

Have you ever seen a portrait and felt as though you could see into that person’s whole world?
Have you seen the perfect shot of an object or animal and created an entire story out of that one moment?
Have you ever felt your heart swell at the sight of the tiniest interaction between two people? 
My goal is to create emotionally moving & thought-provoking imagery because

Photography is magical 

and as a Harry Potter nerd, I guess I just want to feel like I’m a part of that. deathly hallows

“In photography there is a reality so subtle
that it becomes more real than reality.”

-Alfred Stieglitz 


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